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Welcome to my website! I am Gisselle Marquez, a creative and passionate graphic designer who loves to create. I have always loved the design principles and have a keen eye for aesthetics. My goal is to create interesting and compelling designs that draw the attention of others.

For a long time I have always had a strong passion for drawing and art. I started drawing eyes on the corners of all my assignments and school papers. From this, I began to practice every single day and strived to become better at art. Over the years I have continued to push the boundaries of my art, and even won a Scholastic Art SIlver key Award in high school.

I am a true believer that design has the power to tell so many unique stories. I believe that design is what brings many of us together. Whether it be creating a logo, or making an entire design brief, I believe every piece of work deserves to be unique and stand out in its own way.

Apart from my passion for design, I am also a strong believer in being honest and professional. There is great power in being able to communicate effectively and respectfully. My goal as a designer is to exceed expectations, and bring ideas to life.

 I invite you to explore my work, learn more about me, and to reach out to if you have any ideas you’d like to bring to life.

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